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Alex Rodriguez just hit his 10th home run of the year.

10 home runs in 15 games. This puts the Yanks at 7-6, and second place in the always competitive American League East.

The burning question, which must be on every baseball fan’s mind: is it possible for A-Rod to keep this level of production up for the entire season?

The answer is, clearly, unknown this early in the season. But there will be more than just A-Rod’s performance to consider, there is the always present New York media. Case in point: Eli Manning. Eli is clearly superior to Phillip Rivers, but can’t seem to prosper. Eli is under constant critisism, why, because he plays in New York. Coming from San Diego, where Rivers plays, I know that people here don’t care about their football, or their sports, the way New Yorkers do (hence the title of my blog). But New York, deep down, is a baseball town. So no matter how much pressure a top rated draft pick can be under, a proven superstar will hear much more trash talk. Will the media get to A-Rod again?

Oh yeah, I really like how he is wearing knee-highs. Gotta love the classic look.