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Gatorade is better than water

For those of you who havn’t noticed the new Derek Jeter Gatorade ad features the one and only John Lackey.

I hadn’t seen this ad until I looked it up online after my Dad and friend Mike told me about it.

Harvey Keitel is encouraging Derek Jeter to steal second off of Lackey, stating that "that Scmendrick" doesn’t know what he is doing. The pitch is then thrown to the catcher who "has a gun," and Jeter takes off for second. Jeter then steals the base. Harvey Keitel thinks this is a success, and beckons for Jeter to steal third.

This commercial, contrary to common belief, doesn’t bother me. Why? Because Jeter probably got on base because Lackey hit him with the pitch. So fine by me.

But to be honest this commercial is completely inaccurate according to the stats. Derek Jeter and John Lackey have faced each other a total of 26 times. Jeter has 9 hits, but Lackey has 8 strike outs. Jeter has 3 walks, and 3 RBIs. But more pertinate to this conversation is that he has 0 stolen bases. Moreover he has been caught stealing twice by Lackey! And I have watched John Lackey hit Derek Jeter in the back twice.

So Gatorade, I suggest you do your research before making another commercial. But congratulations to Lackey, thats some national coverage.