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TGIB: Thank God Its Baseball

I guess we call this a losing streak.

2 games straight. Its alright. How could we be mad? It is beautiful here in San Diego, I can see the sun shining from my room (which has an ocean view I might add), its getting close to sunset (which is always gorgeous), and most importantly baseball is upon us!

We don’t want to get hot now anyways. Now would be the wrong time to get hot in an often streaky sport. And by the wrong time I mean spring training in general. I feel like its almost a jinx to have a great spring training. Last year the Colts had an awful preseason, and then what happens? Win the Super Bowl. Jimmie Johnsons crew chief was suspended before the Daytona 500. Wins the Cup. But of course those are coincidences, and I am hoping for a great spring training.

I can’t wait to hear a game with Lackey pitching. I really hope that Napolli gets the starting catcher position. I know we are going to platoon (oh Casey Stengel), but I want to see Napoli out there on Opening Day. Its not that I don’t think Jose Molina is more than qualified, I just see so much in Mike Napoli. And I honestly don’t think Mathis can preform the way Napoli can in terms of power. Napoli just has an intimidating presence. Almost Brad Fullmer like (I know really reaching back in the archives to all of 2002). I’ve often heard him compared to Thurman Munson. Any thoughts on that? From what I have read and heard this seems to be an accurate description, but I never saw Munson play, so if someone could let me know that did, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll never forget when Napoli homered in his first at bat, ever. One of 95 ever to do so. That is impressive. Lets just hope he doesn’t slump again.

And how great would it be if Kotchman could stay healthy? Speaking of its good to hear Vladdy saying he is ok. And its great to hear Garret in the games.

Only listening to baseball is making me feel like I’m back in 1941 waiting for DiMaggio to get his hit of the day. I always say if I get a time machine I’m going to 1941 Yankees vs Sox, during the streak of course. Imagine, seeing DiMaggio and Williams in that epic year. Better still imagine seeing DiMaggio vs Williams in that epic year. You know DiMag faced 4 future Hall of Famers during that 56 game hit streak? Think how impressive that is: Hall of Fame inductions start in 1936 (DiMag’s rookie year) and for approximately 75 years of baseball they induct 5 men, and in 1941 DiMaggio faces 4 Hall of Famers alone?

I want to make a correction to a previous post also. I stated that Mountain Landis was petty when it came to Maris, that was actually Ford Frick. I apologize for any arguement that may have hindered. How could someone be commissioner from 1919-1961? That doesn’t even make sense. Sorry about that. I’m not ignorant, although that statement about Mountain Landis probably made me seem so.

Almost time to draft for fantasy 27 hours away…

Spring So Far


Thats pretty good.

Until you consider that the 4 teams the Angels have beaten are the Royals, Cubs, Rockies, and Brewers. And then when you realize that the one loss was to the A’s.

Ok, so maybe it isn’t so bad.

I’ll be honest, I’m not going to complain or snuff about a 4-1 start, its a good feeling. And not just because I’m all wide eyed about season being so close. But because a win is a win, no matter how you get it, or who it comes against.

Ervin has looked solid, or from what I have heard he has seemed solid, as I can’t actually watch the games, but I digress.

Tough break for Huston Street today. I really want him to do well. I had the great opportunity to meet him before the World Baseball Classic game between team USA and team Korea, and he was a really nice guy. That isn’t the only reason that I wish him well, he is a solid pitcher, you don’t win rookie of the year without being good. And yeah, he sophmore slumped, but lets just hope in his junior year he shows that form we saw back in 2005. To be honest seeing Huston pitch in person last year was one of the highlights of my personal season.

I draft for my fantasy league on Wednesday at 7pm. I am so excited. I have never done this before, so if anyone has any tips I’d greatly appreciate it. I really want John Lackey, but have a feeling that my loyalties are going to hinder my team (just like my fantasy football experience haha).

Someone on "facebook" posted  a topic about "who had the smoothest swing of all time." I personally think this is a joke. In my opinion the answer should be obvious, Williams. Widely considered the greatest hitter who ever lived how could one have that title without having the smoothest swing? Many were answering DiMaggio, however I would say that his swing was fluid, not smooth. Any thoughts? Am I wrong?