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Watch out Grandma.

I wish that George Steinbrenner wasn’t in his 70’s.

Those of you who grew up watching him fight with managers publicly (ie Billy Martin) probably disdain him for it. I, however, would argue that this is part of what made baseball in the 1970’s so interesting.

Of course one could argue that free agency in it of itself was bound to make the game more volitale, but free agency, an open check book, and an owner with a football mentality could only be disasterous.

One could argue that Joe Torre is the latest Billy Martin. Not in managerial talent (I would never say anyone was as talented as Billy), but rather in the on going "will he be fired" saga that is Yankee management and Yankee front office. How many times over the past few years have baseball fans heard the question "will Torre be fired" asked? Or how about "is this a do or die game for Torre’s Yankees"?

Too many to count.

But what has made this relationship irritating instead of funny and outlandish is that Steinbrenner is no longer the in your face, shut up, kind of guy he was in the 1970’s. Instead he lets the media do ALL of his talking, to the fans anyways.

So now that Torre has turned down a deal (which was clearly designed for him to turn down) where will he go?

Bob Short once said of Billy Martin that he would fire his own Grandma to hire Billy.

Grandmothers beware, Torre is available.