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Offseason Frustrations

Last season when the infamous Shea Hillenbrand was released by the Blue Jays I laughed at the Giants for signing him. Why would anyone want that kind of personality in the clubhouse? I joked about how stupid it was to sign someone with Hillenbrand’s obvious conflict with authority.
Now the Angels have gone out and signed Hillenbrand. Yes there was a gap that needed to be filled. But are Hillenbrand’s 20 homeruns and .300 batting average worth upsetting the clubhouse? Probably not. Nice work Angels Management, you waited until the last second when you HAD to sign someone, and got Hillenbrand.

There is a reason he was still available this late in the offseason, no one wants to deal with his unproductive attitude. It is not as though he was a highly toted player this offseason like Zito… So instead of spending a little bit of extra money. Shaking things up. You bring in a clubhouse cancer (to sound cliche) because thats all that is left. Havn’t we learned our mistakes with the Raul Mondesi’s in Angel history already?

Maybe only I have. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. But I sincerely doubt it.