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Tim Salmon

I’m not going to lie.

When I heard Terry Smith announce that the Angels were giving away Tim Salmon bobbleheads I got wonderfully excited. What a great addition to my room.

Then the bad news: April 3rd. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if I wasn’t already skipping the first day of Spring Quarter to go to the season opener.

And I really can’t justify skipping the first two days, as I am flying out to San Francisco the next week, and will be missing two more days. Thats right, of the first 10 days of quarter I will be missing 3. Well worth it in my opinion.

There are still tickets for the Yankees vs A’s game on the 13th, so I think I may try to get a hold of those. While I dislike watching games in Oakland baseball is baseball, and I’m curious to see our division rival, and the ever hyped up Yankees.

But back to the give away. What a downer. If I were still living at home I would be going to that game with a bunch of friends and my dad. But alas I must miss out on the final Salmon give away possibly ever. On the bright side I looked into other give aways in April and there is a Vladdy metal lunch box. Thats on a weekend, so I should be able to go to that game ::crosses fingers::.

I know it seems dumb to be so disappointed in missing out on a free piece of merchandise (can you even call it that?). But I can’t begin to tell you how many of those knick knacks are in my house from seasons past. And they are always fun to look back at and reflect upon that game. For example the Bartolo Colon "statue" from last season. I wanted so badly to go with my dad, but he had to work so instead I went with my friends. We had a great time and sat up in the right field view section and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I even bought an extra ticket so that I could get my dad one of the desired "statues". Or a rally monkey watch from a few years back, that was the first game Percy played against the Angels, and if I recall Dallas McPherson hit his first MLB homer (don’t quote me on the latter half).

These are more than bobble heads, they are memories. I guess its time I start filling my shelves with Padres memories if I can’t make it home for such games. But it would be nice to have one more Tim Salmon memory. If not a memory a momento. To remind me of all the great years he gave us as Angels fans, even the ones I don’t remember. But the ones I do, are certainly unforgettable. RBI and Home Run records. Outfield and designated hitter. But most of all Angel.

2007 baseball cards

For my birthday one of my many presents was a gift certificate to my favorite store, Baseball Cards Plus, in Huntington Beach. They had just gotten in some 2007 cards, so I was able to pick a couple packs up.

Topps is my card of choice. The 2007 base set is really nice. It is a black outline, with an action photo, and the team name and other such things are in the team’s primary color.

I got a few Upper Deck and Fleer packs.

I wasn’t overly impressed with any of the packages I picked up. I’m still partial to the Topps 2004 baseset. I loved the silver on white.

And for those of you who have been wondering, my birthday was wonderful. Thanks for all the wishes.