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Coral on Baseball

Due to scheduling conflicts Brady and I are going to disband "Coral and Brady on Baseball."

But don’t worry, I’m going to go solo. So it will be Coral on Baseball. I havn’t decided on a time yet, but I’m excited about this new endeavor. And I will let you all know as soon as I decide on a day and time.

However we will be having one final show on next Tuesday, at 3 oclock my time, with Cardinals’ prospect Chris Naverson. So please tune in.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope that you will all be listening to my new show.

Coral and Brady on Baseball

Hey guys,

How about Jose Canseco on Curt Schilling? Want to hear what I have to think about Schilling vs Bonds vs Canseco, the accusations and the apologies? Tune in.

At 4 o’clock today (my time) we are hosting our show, Coral and Brady on Baseball. Please give us a listen, I think you will like it.

Also, I will be hosting a Roger Clemens special on Thursday entitled "All Clemens, All the Time" at 4 o’clock PT. Brady will be hosting fellow blogger Zach Hample on Friday at the same time.

All these shows can be found at the above link.


Does anyone else with gameday audio find that their feed often cuts out in the middle?

For some reason this frequently happens to me, ususally only during Angels home broadcasts. Oh the frustration.

It isn’t that I can’t appreciate listening to other broadcasters. This is, after all, a craft I aspire one day to join. I can listen to other broadcasters who show favoritism towards their team (however difficult I find it), but I really dislike when broadcasters show obvious disdain for other players.

Most people who don’t live on the west coast assume that I must love listening to Vin Scully. I know this because I have had this conversation with many of you. However those of you who have assumed this, as I probably pointed out, were wrong.

Most of you will probably argue that Scully is a classic, and I do have a level of respect for the man because of his credentials. But there are so many instances during interleague play alone (about the only time I will even risk listening to Scully) where Scully has made comments about the Angels that were just unnecessary. He tends to point out the terrible circumstances under which Bartolo Colon and Vladimir Guererro grew up under, but never gives them credit for how far they have come. It would be a nice juxtaposition to show how mucht their hometowns have improved since these men came to the big leagues and have donated so much of their time to the areas, but instead Scully focuses on the negative aspects of their youth.

Yes, it is always frustrating to hear negative comments about your team, no matter how many times you have said them youself. I however have read Chris Mathew’s Hardball, and while it doesn’t pertain to baseball it does pertain to arguing and politicing. Perhaps the most important lesson that I learned is to "hang a lantern on your problem," meaning you need to let everyone know what is wrong so that they don’t find out themselves and twist it into something worse. For example, I will concede that the Angels do not have a power offense, but we do have outstanding pitching. But Scully takes it to the extreme, and at times these attacks feel personal.

I know that I am opinionated, and I’d like to think that is what keeps people reading this. But at the same time I hope not to be so mean as to critcize a player for his upbringing and then not give him credit for being, oh I don’t know a former MVP, Silver Slugger…