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I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it

During the two hour break I had for lunch today I was trying to catch some of the Padres vs Angels game, when this hit me by surprise.

Seeing my name on the main page of mlblogs was awesome, to say the least. Especially under a picture of the one and only Yankee Clipper (thanks Mark).

So during all the excitement and comotion I caused in my dorm 20 minutes before my next class (which started at 2) I didn’t get to listen to the game. But I must say it was worth it. And the Angels ended up winning. I’m not a huge Carrasco fan, so I’m not TOO upset about the game.

So check out that profile on me. I hope that everyone finds it interesting. And if you would like to debate the 1936 MVP issue (ie DiMaggio vs Gehrig) let me know. I’d liken it to Balboa vs. Mason "the line" Dixon, in whatever the latest Rocky movie was called.

I draft in less than 3 hours, and couldn’t be more excited.