About crmarsha

If there is one thing I love more than
baseball itself it is baseball history. Joe Dimaggio is my
all time favorite player. My favorite season to discuss is
1941, I can even put up a heck of an arguement for Williams.
I also find the 1961 season wonderfully amusing. I’m not a
current Yankees fan, but I love the classics. I prefer the
American League to the National, but truly admire small ball.
I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with
bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Russian and Soviet
Studies. I am currently attending California State
University, Long Beach working towards my masters degree in
Kinesiology with an emphasis on Sports Management. Most of my
musings can be now be found at Angelswin.com in the blog


Baseball (specifically the Angels), Hockey
(Ducks), Football (Colts), NASCAR (Kasey Kahne), Adam
Sandler, dinosaurs, Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell, Vince
Vaughn, Max Kellerman.