Topps’ Lineage 2011 Review

Just last month Topps released a new set of baseball cards… sort of. The highlights of Topps’ Lineage are the inserts, which highlight classic Topps’ designs from over the past 60 years. It appears that retail boxes contain one relic per box, and I didn’t see any of these cards at my local hobby shop when I stopped in today looking for a few inserts I was hoping to pick up.

For some reason this set didn’t sit right with me. The base was too clean to be “vintage” and not clean enough to fit in with what I have come to expect from Topps over the past few years with their basic cards. I love a clean cut card, and the foil Topps has added in recent years is a nice addition to what might otherwise be boring sets. Lineage features foil as well, but only in the corner to embellish the Topps’ logo, and on for the players name, but not to enhance the overall player, team or general appearance of the card.

At $2.99 a retail pack I’ll probably give this set another try, but not if I have the option of picking up something more appealing like Allen and Ginter or even generic Topps.

Check out my pulls below, and let me know what your thoughts are on this pack.


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